Saturday, 22 October 2016

That Lame Company | Blogger Box

As soon as I saw it I had to have it. How could you not? It's every bloggers dreams come true in one little box. ThatLAMEcompany have made me fall in love with all their product. 

As a blogger notebooks and lists become essential to keep everything organised. Without them I think that half of us would forget what we were meant to be doing and nothing important would ever get done. In my room I have lists literally everywhere; to do lists, planning blog posts lists, shopping lists. You name it there is probably a list about it. In the blogger box by ThatLAMECompany there are some amazing notebooks and pads for creating lists which I have fallen in love with. There are all currently on my desk full of lists which now need completing. They have made planning not only my blog life easier but also planning my personal life easier because I now have it all written down in front of me and I know exactly what i'm doing. Which is something that I love because I hate not knowing what i'm doing. 

ThatLAMEcompany is run by Chloe and Charlie, two recent graduates who started the business when they were both in university and wanted a way to bring in some money during the summer. Over the past 2 years thatLAMEcompany has grown dramatically and they now have over 50 products for sale on their website. 

Whether you want to use the products as props in your blog photos or brighten up your office space, their products are going to do the job. 

They have individual products which you can buy separately or they have seasonal blogger boxes which you can purchase. They have a small, big and blogger box of lame. I purchased the blogger box of lame and I couldn't be happier. 

The blogger box contains at least:
-1 x A5 Wirebound Notebook
- 1 x A4 Blogger Mail Notepad
- 1 x A5 Notepad 
- 1 x A6 Notepad 
- 2 x A6 Art Prints
- 5 x Recipe Cards
- 5 x Snail Mail
- 2 x A5 Art Prints
- 2 x A5 Sticker Sheet
- 2 x Rose Gold Print
- 1 x Gold Print
- 1 x Gold Foil Pencil

It also includes loads of extra gifts from small etsy businesses. A few of these include: 

- Dorkface Shop (@dorkfaceblog)

- Lilac and Dot (@lilacanddot)

-Raining Cats and Cake (@rainingcatsandcake)

and so many more! 

You can find Chloe on her twitter @mojichlo or thatLAMEcompany

Have you ever ordered from here before? What did you think of it? 

 Kia x x x 
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