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Is using social media really that important for your blog?

Everyone who's anyone knows what social media is. These days children who are 5 years old to people aged 70+ know what Twitter and Facebook are. If used correctly then they can play a big role in the way that we, us bloggers, promote our blogs and the contents on them. I've been blogging over a year and i'm still getting to grips with using social media platforms and still figuring out the best way to use my time wisely, because as we all know as soon as you get reading a few things and hour can pass in an instance. 

Writing a blog post is only the start of you creating a blog, people wont just automatically know about your blog and you'll need to spread the word of your blog to other bloggers and readers. The easiest media. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, they all help you to discover new people and build the following of your blog.  

"A business without social media is an office without a door"

Using social media doesn't just help you to advertise your blog but also helps you to; 
Meet new people,
Increase your own learning about blogging,
See what other bloggers are talking about, 
Building the following of your blog, because successful blogs are not just built in one day 
and to help PR agencies/brands find you and discover your work. 

In my opinion twitter is one of the best ways to get involved with other people and promote your blog. Blogger chats are excellent for discovering new people and their blogs because you're all using one hashtag and you know that you're all there because you are interested in that subject. It makes your feel as though you are part of a blogging community and you'll soon realise that everyone within the blogging community is so lovely. There are blogger chat every single day of the week so there are plenty to choose from. Tagging brands that you've used in your blog posts is a great idea because you never know they might retweet your post which will allow it to be seen by a wider audience. I always use retweet accounts as this allows your posts to be seen by bloggers who don't follow you (yet). Turn off auto DM's, as soon as I get an auto DM from someone it automatically makes me want to unfollow them. Don't force people to read your blog, make them want to read it. Hashtags are something that I use a lot on my twitter, #TheGirlGang is a popular one and its a great community to be apart of. The most important bit of advice i'd give if you are using twitter is to be active. Going onto someones twitter and seeing that all they do is post their blog posts and not interact and engage with other people would usually mean that I would not follow them. Show people the real you and talk to other people too.

You see on Instagram those accounts with all the perfect photos with the perfect white background and everything arranged perfectly and honestly all I can think is does that really represent your life? Yes it might be pretty but it doesn't show your personality. Showing your personality will really help you to relate with your followers and remind them that life isn't perfect 100% of the time. Most people want to follow an account that really shows the person who runs it and not an account that looks the same as 325465 other account out there. Hashtags are used a lot on instagram. They are used to share your photos to other accounts who don't necessarily follow you. This helps you to widen your audience and find other accounts that you wouldn't have otherwise known about. Engage with other instagram users. Don't just post your own photos and expect everyone to like them, you have to like and comment on other peoples photos too. 

Facebook isn't a social media I use for my blog ( I do have a personal account so I know how it works) but I think that is it a good idea to have your own blog page as this is another place which you can post you new blog posts and any news you have for any of your readers. Its also something else which you can show to PR's and brands that want to work with you. I've found that joining blogging groups is a really good thing to do because not only will they usually have a post where you can share your latest blog posts but you can also ask questions and look for advice from other bloggers. 

Taking everything into consideration I think that social media is extremely important when it comes to having a blog. Its the main way that nearly every blogger reaches out to their readers and connects with them and without social media we wouldn't be able to do that. 

Do you use social media? Which is your favourite to use? 

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