Saturday, 29 October 2016

Halloween Traditions

Halloween is a holiday that has never been overly celebrated in our family especially now we have all grown up. When we were little we would always do things the same so I guess you could call them traditions so in this blog post i'm going to tell you all about my families Halloween traditions when we were younger and how they are different now.

When we were younger it would always be a waiting game, waiting for my mum to finally say okay lets get the decorations down my from loft. I think we had like 2 big boxes full of decorations which we would used to decorate the whole of the living room, hallway and kitchen. Halloween decorations hung in the windows, wrapped around the banister, hung from the ceiling and stuck to the doors. They were pretty much everywhere. 

On Halloween night we'd spend the whole day waiting to get changed and would even get changed hours early hoping that we'd be able to go out quicker. Me, Freya, Jaden and Heather would go out with my mum and we would go round all the roads which were close to our house. There was this one house where this really lovely old lady called Isabelle lived and each year she would have prepared a little bag for each child who lived on our road filled with sweets. I always thought this was really thoughtful of her because she would never forget a child. 

Once we had gone round all the houses and persuaded my mum to just go down this road as well we would go home and the first thing that we would all do is empty out bags onto the floor in our own pile and compare all our sweets with each others and swap the ones we didn't like with people who did like them. 

My mum would then make tea which would be a snack kind of tea which would consist of witches fingers (hot dogs with tomato sauce), monsters hands (monster munch) and for pudding would be swamp surprise (multi-coloured jelly filled with jelly snakes and jelly spiders). It was always a fun kind of tea on Halloween. 

Now that we are older we now focus more on Halloween for our nieces and nephews. We take them around the houses that we went to when we were little and pass on the traditions to the little ones. Seeing the enjoyment in their little faces is enough to make us all happy.

Of course we still decorate the house but not as much as we used to. Just enough to make the kids excited and to let trick or treater's know that they can knock on our door. I still love making Halloween exciting for the kids.

How do you celebrate Halloween?

Kia x x x 
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