Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Autumn Candle Collection

To me candles are an all year round thing but having candles burning while it's cold outside in the Autumn and Winter just makes a room so much more cosier. Nothing better than snuggling up with a blanket on the sofa, watching your favourite film and having candles burning in the background to make the room smell delightful. Everyone has different tastes in candles just like everyone has different tastes in food. Taste buds but for your nose? I'm a person who goes for sweet or floral smelling candles. I'm not a massive fan of candles that smell like cinnamon or many candles that smell like spices for that matter. 

Around this time of the year all the shops bring out their Autumn and Winter candles and it makes me so excited. I've not gone overboard this year because I found out last year there are only a certain about of candles you can burn before you end up with loads left over. Which you then have to store in the cupboard till next year. So these are the candles which I have decided to put in mines and Adams room this Autumn. 

These first candles I picked up from B&M, which is one of my favourite shops ever. The pink candles at the front is called apple spice and kind of goes against what I was saying before about not liking cinnamon candles as it has a hint of cinnamon but to me it is hardly noticeable. I only found this out when I googled the candle, which was a real surprise to me because I couldn't even smell it. Both the candles are really strong so really live up to the name of scented candles. It's really sweet and in my opinion could even pass for smelling floral. 

The blue candle behind it is called velvet tea party and I think this could make any room smell like Autumn. It has a really crisp scent which can make any room soothing to sit in. It's really refreshing and makes you feel really awake.  

Both these candles burn for 30 hours and keep their smell while burning which is always a bonus. 

This candle is marshmallow fireside by bath and body works. This candle was not that easy to get hold of because bath and body works only ship to the US so it took a while for me to get my hands on this. I'm so glad I got it though because its amazing. It is one of those candles that you just want to sit smelling 24/7 because it smells so delicious. It's a really sweet candle with a hint of vanilla which just makes any room smell delightful. 

The Halloween caramel pumpkin swirl candle is another one I got from B&M. I've seen a lot of reviews labelling this a dupe for bath and body works candles and I do have to admit they are really good. It has 32 hours burning time and it smells really nice. The mix of the caramel and the pumpkin means its not too sweet and not too plain. It almost reminds me of the smell when you are carving pumpkins just a little bit sweeter. I would definitely recommend it. 

Last but by no means least is my favourite candle of all time. Candy Corn by Yankee Candle. This is actually a candle I bought last year but never managed to fully burn so I had to wait until this year and i've been so excited to get it out again. This has a burn time of 65-90 hours which is amazing especially for a medium candle. It smells so sweet just like candy corns. Its like a mixture of sugar, melted butter and vanilla. Heaven in a jar. 

What have been your favourite candles for this Autumn and Winter? Which ones are you excited to use? 

Kia x x x
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