Saturday, 24 September 2016

Summer round-up

Since we are at the end of summer I thought I would do a blog post that rounds up my whole summer and talk about my favourite things that happened. This summer has been amazing, I never knew you could squish so many things into a couple of months. Most of the weather has been amazing and we have had some amazing sunshine but I do live in England so you have to put with the rainy days and still make the most of it.

We had Lilah's christening in July. It was a lovely day filled with family and friends. The thing I find about christenings in this particular church is that they are really relaxed, they had a corner at the back of the church that was filled with toys that all the children could play with and they didn't mind them running back and forth and making a bit of noise. Which meant that the kids didn't get agitated because they were being made to sit in one place for the whole service. Lilah was good as gold which made the day run smoothly and tired herself out by 1pm and was sleep in her car seat.

One thing I wont forget any time soon is accidentally dying my hair ginger. Here's the story; My hair is naturally dark brown but I always get it professionally highlighted blonde. My roots had come through really bad and I was unable to get through to my hairdresser so I thought I would just dye it with a box colour. This was a really quick decision and I didn't really think it through and Adam knows nothing about hair dye so he didn't talk me out of it because he didn't know what could have gone wrong. I put the blonde dye on my hair and immediately regretted it. I could see patches in my hair starting to turn ginger. I phoned Jodie straight away as to what I should do, she said to leave it on for the required time and she's on her way over. We rinsed it off and it looked awful. The colour in some places was quite nice but it was the fact it was also patchy which made it look 10x worse. 

I had work in like 2 hours so we drove to the nearest hairdressers place which sells all the proper stuff which Jodie can get because she's a qualified hairdresser. She dropped me off at work and when I finished she came round to my house and sorted it out for me. She bleached my hair and then put a platinum blonde colour on top of it. I loved the end result even if we did finish at 1am in the morning. 

The moral of the story is to never dye your own hair with a box colour. Always get someone professional to do it for you. 

Since turning 18 in April i've been able to have loads of great nights out with all my friends and get to know so many people when going out. You know when you're drunk in the toilet and it doesn't matter who's in there but you always manage to make friends and plan your whole future as friends together? Yeah that happen many times. I was never one of them people who would use someone else's ID to go out before I was 18 because I never saw the point in not only getting myself into trouble but getting the other people into trouble too. For the first few weeks of me turning 18 I was out every weekend spending stupid amounts of money on not only the night out but a new outfit for every week. That reality has now worn off and I do limit the times I go out now. The times I have been out have created some great memories that will always remind me of my 18th year. 

For Adams birthday in April we got our whole group of friends and we all went paint balling. We went to Delta Force in Holmes Chapel  and it was amazing! Before we went I though I was going to hate the whole experience and feel uncomfortable for the whole day because doing something like this is out of my comfort zone. After staying the whole day I can honestly say that I loved it and would 100% do it again, apart from getting hit in the knuckle in the last 30 seconds and it swelling twice its size. Apart from a couple more injuries in the group throughout the whole day it was excellent. One thing I would say if you are planning on going paint balling is, don't underestimate how much money to take. It was only around £10 for us to actually go there but to buy the paint balls is where it got expensive. You can get 100 balls for £7.99 but we found that these go within half a game and you need so many more. You can buy 1000 balls for £69.99 so we did this and split between 2 or 3 people and still then needed to buy another set of 1000. All in all it was a really good day and everyone seemed to enjoy it and I think there is talk of another day being planned already. 

For Jordan's and Scott's birthday in June we all decided we would go to laser quest and bowling. Laser quest, as I found is just a nicer version of paint balling and is played in the dark. The place isn't that big but you easily get lost and think how do you get back up there? The game was great but I will warn you once you've finished the game you will be sweating like you have never sweat before. The rooms are boiling and because you are running around it makes it 10x worse. Bowling was really fun and I am 100% sure that I didn't come last. I either came second or third, Adam came first. 

Freya's prom was this year because she finally left school and has just started college. She looked beautiful. All her friend's came round to our house before hand for pictures. There were about 13 girls and all their families which meant everyone was squished and there was no where to stand. I was lucky enough for Freya to ask me to do her make up for her prom which I jumped at the chance because its something that I really enjoy doing. I love how it turned out. I also photographed Freya and all her friends for her, apart from the picture above where I trusted my mum with my camera. The pictures turned out really well and Freya was really happy with them. 

One day we spent the evening at Padley Gorge which I can honestly say is a lovely place to relax. Half the group stayed at the top of the river just paddling and relaxing, soaking up the last of the sun while the rest of us decided to walk/side down the whole river and do a bit of swimming, of course I was in that half. Doing this bare foot meant that I ended up with loads of cuts and scrapes on my feet and I had a bruise on my leg from slipping on one of the rocks. It was adventurous and spontaneous so I loved it. Luckily we had taken extra clothes so that we could change afterwards and didn't have to spend the rest of the night in wet clothes. After we had finished there we decided to go back to one of our houses and have a BBQ. It was a lovely evening spent with friends just sat around and talking about anything that came to our minds. I couldn't have asked for anything better. 

Did you have a good summer? What are your favourite summer memories? 

Kia x x x 
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