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Family holiday to wales 20th August- 27th August 2016

 If you have been reading my blog for a while you may remember my post from last year documenting my holiday to wales. If you can't remember or want to check back then you can do so here;

This year we took the same holiday and created some more amazing memories. I went again with the same people as last year with just one new addition, Lilah baby, my new niece. This blog post will be very photo heavy just because I can't choose my favourites and I think photos can describe things better than I can.

Beach days are always my favourite sun, sand and sea....what more can you want? Being able to sit on the beach with the sun beating down and the sound of crashing waves in the background can make anyone fall in love with this place. This was Lilah's first time at the beach and believe me it may have looked sunny and felt warm when you were sat on the beach but the water was freezing. I was stood in it for a matter of minutes and the muscles in my feet started to ache because it was that cold. I have no clue how people were actually swimming in it. Lilah seemed to like it though, I dipped her feet in and she didn't like it at first but then she got used to it and seemed to enjoy it. My dad, Jaden and Matthew all spent a good 40 minutes swimming in the sea which seems crazy to me because I only just my feet in and got cold! 

We ended up back at the rabbit farm and it was just as good as last year. Baby rabbits to hold and cuddles, sheep, goats and donkeys to feed, horses to ride and a playground for the kids. It's a great place to spend a couple of hours. Keevey plucked up the courage this year to ride one of the horses and she loved it which really surprised me because usually she is scared of things like that. Lilah spent most of the time on my back and Max just spent the whole time in the playground. 

We originally planned to go to a big indoor soft play area with the kids but when that plan fell through we ended up going on a walk and found an castle. I'd never heard of Canernarfon Castle before and didn't think it would interest me but it was really good. You could actually go into the castle and walk around all the hallways and explore the whole place. We forgot Lilahs carrier so I had to improvise and use my coat. I zipped it up a bit and just got her to sit on it like that, it worked better than I thought it would. The steps in the castle were extremely steep so I was always walking at a snails pace because I had hold of Lilah. 

Rock pooling is my favourite. Sitting on the edge of the rocks, looking out to sea and watching the crashing waves is something I could do for hours. Both Keevey and Max came with us this year. They didn't come last year because they were both too little. They both really enjoyed being able to see the fish and the crabs and they loved being able to climb all over the rocks, It was the first time in my 18 years on this earth I had actually seen a crab, I'd seen them when they had died and been washed up on the beach but I had never seen one alive. It really surprised me how vicious they are, I wouldn't like to get my finger pinched by one of them. 

 This holiday was really fun and we created some amazing memories that hopefully the kids will remember when they are older. Where is your favourite place to go on a family holiday? 

Kia x x x 
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