Wednesday, 28 September 2016

30 Autumn Date Ideas

I don't know what it is but as soon as Autumn hits there is just something in the air that *screams* romance. Cold days, wrapping up warm in jumpers, soft blankets and cuddling on the sofa sounds so perfect. Here are some of my idea's of really cute and romantic dates for the Autumn and Winter seasons.

1. Have a Harry Potter Movie marathon-  Autumn is the perfect time for cuddling so why not jump on the sofa in comfy PJ's cuddling your other half while watching the best films ever. 

2. Keep it simple with a walk and a picnic in the park.- Pack your favourite picnic foods and a comfy blanket and take your other half for a walk in the park, looking at the scenery and then find a nice spot to have your picnic. 

3. 5th November.....bonfires and fireworks-  Whats more romantic than standing round a bonfire and watching fireworks with someone that you love. 

4. Go to a haunted house-  everyone has to love haunted houses right?! Take your date to one of these and show them that you can really protect them. 

5. The closer it gets to Halloween it gives you more of an excuse to carve as many pumpkins as you can- you can experiment and create new patterns and not just the normal face.  

6. Giant leaf piles-  for those who want to show their more childish side make giant leaf piles and jump in them together. Make sure they a crisp leaves and not soggy ones though. 

7. Go on a sunrise or a sunset date- grab a blanket and a flask of hot chocolate and go to a park or a field and watch the sun rise/set for an inexpensive romantic date. 

8. Host your own come dine with me- with another 1 or 2 couples take it in turns to host an evening of entertainment and food. You could even rate each others night to see who wins with a little friendly competition. 

9. Take a trip to the beach- it might be autumn but why can't you go and watch the crashing waves and take a walk down the rocks or sand. 

10. If you don't want to leave the house then why don't create a comfy fort- grab some blankets, pillows and snacks and sit in your fort while talking, cuddling or watching a movie. 

11. A bike ride- plan a scenic route to take with lots of pretty scenery to look at.

12. Cook together- plan your evening meal and cook it together. Light a few candles and have a romantic evening together.

13. Both of you plan and host a Halloween party.- You can both spend time planning it together and then you can have fun with all your friends and family at the same time. 

14. Stargazing- take a couple of blankets and bundle up then you can spend the night talking and trying to identify as many constellations as you can.  

15. Visit the local farmers market- check out all the seasonal produce and find some really fresh ingredients. 

16. Go apple picking- then you can spend the next few weeks making baked apple slices. Slice them up and bake with a little butter and brown sugar...they taste amazing and also make your house smell amazing.

17. Go conker hunting together- Find as many conkers as you can and then thread them onto some  string and use them as autumn decoration around the house.

18. Amusement park- have a fun filled day with your other half and the waiting times for rides will fly by because you'll be having fun. 

19. For the Starbucks lovers try all their Autumn drinks- this one might have to be a weekly or daily thing but I guess if you are feeling adventurous you could try them all in one day. 

20. Corn mazes- i'm not totally sure if there are many around but why not have a day of wandering around a corn maze.

21. Mulled wine- spend the day looking at different recipes and then you and your date can create your own. 

22. Stay in bed all morning together- its cold outside which doesn't make anyone want to get out of don't. Watch TV, read a book, grab a magazine or have a chat...the only time you can get out of bed is to make pancakes which then you should eat in bed together.

23. Create an outdoor cinema with a projector and hanging a white sheet and stream a scary movie.- Sit on blankets or deck chairs and enjoy the scary movie together. The outdoors makes it even more scary. 

24. Scarefest at Alton Towers- this is always a fun thing to do together. This year it runs October 8th-9th, 15th-16th and 21st-31st 2016. 

25. Have a pamper evening in the luxury of your own home- grab some face masks and slices of cucumber and spend the evening pampering yourselves and relaxing. 

26. Go on a walk in a forest or somewhere with lots of trees every Saturday for 5/6 weeks- and see how the leaves change colour each week. You could take pictures so you can record the progression. 

27. An autumn photo shoot-  Find a really beautiful spot you love and get a friend to take photos of you together that you'll be able to cherish forever. 

28. Baking- once you've carved your pumpkins you can use the rest of it to make pumpkin pies.  

29. Hot air balloon ride- you could even take a picnic to enjoy while you're in the clouds. 

30. Find the perfect pumpkin spiced latte- go around all the coffee shops in your area and taste test all of them to find the perfect one. 

Let me know if you use any of these ideas and tell me how they went! What are your favourite date ideas for the Autumn and Winter?

Kia x x x 
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