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Bobbi Brown Collection

We all love make up, doesn't matter if it is high end bands or off the high street because lets be honest there are some really good high street make up products. Over the past few months i've really fallen in love with Bobbi Brown products. If you have read my post about my 18th make up you will know that my first experience wasn't the best but after buying the products and being able to do it myself at home really showed me a different side to the products. It just goes to show its not the make up which looks nice, its how its applied. I've even purchased more products and loved them just as much.
Shown on the picture:
I bought this foundation because I wanted a change from my normal Mac foundation and I loved it. It feels really nice on your skin and really hydrates it instead of drying your skin out. It gives a really good coverage and stays put for at least 7/8 hours. I wore this in the shade sand (2).

This bronzing powder is a gorgeous light weight powder which leaves a beautiful matte sun kissed finish and a beautiful natural glow. It's now my go to bronzer to quickly add some colour to my face. My shade that I use is golden light 1.

If i'm not wanted to wear bronzer to want a quick fix to my make up then I will use this illuminating powder as it doesn't just set my make up but also adds colour to my face without adding bronzer as well. Its not just one colour so its able to give a glow and not just one harsh colour. The shade I have is buff. 

In all honesty I had no clue what to do with this when I bought it but since then it has been a life saver. I use this under my eyes to help brighten up dark circles and it works so well. It is waterproof which means even if you are doing exercise it wont budge. The shade I use is light peach bisque.

This is another product which helps to cover them really dark under eye circles. It has a really smooth and soft formula which means that it doesn't sink into creases and create lines. It also comes with a setting powder which is really useful for making use that it doesn't move. This concealer is one of my favourites out there. The shade I use is ivory.

Not shown on the picture:

I have only recently purchased this foundation and my first impressions are a bit 50/50. It has long-wear in the name but in all honest the skin foundation lasts longer. This foundation is not as matte as the skin foundation and I feel like it wears away quicker even with just the littlest of touches. I like it but it does require me to touch up my make up more throughout the day. 

I got sent this lip gloss as a free sample when I ordered a few other things off the website and when I first tried it I fell in love with it. The shade I have is nude and it is a beautiful colour. I don't know how but it makes your lips look fuller and adds a beautiful shine. It creates a shine but doesn't leave your lips feeling too sticky. 

This is the first time that I had ever tried a cream eye shadow and I can honestly say that I was impressed. It lives up to its name of long-wear which really impressed me as it lasts all day and you don't have to touch it up. The shade I use is sand dune, its a really beautiful nude colour which you can wear for any occasion. 

This is better than any other eyebrow product i've used before. Its in a perfect shape to be able to get the eyebrow shape you want without the product looking to heavy on your face. One thing I really liked is that there were so many shades which meant that I could get one which was perfect for me. It stays on all day so my brows can look good at all times. The shade that I use is taupe.

This foundation stick is a life saver. It makes touching up my foundation quick and easy and I don't have to mess around doing my make up on the go as this little tool makes it quick and easy. The shade I use is warm ivory 1. 

What is your favourite Bobbi Brown product? 

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