Friday, 1 July 2016

Horror to perfect in a couple of hours.....Make up for my 18th

My 18th birthday was such a memorable time that I will look back at it for years to come and will always put a smile on my face. Make up, hair, venue, balloons, outfit and shoes all had to be sorted. It was stressful trying to get everything sorted but all fell into place in the end. 

I had planned and booked months before my party to have my make up done at Bobbi Brown at the Trafford Centre on the day of my party. This plan started to fail when the friend who I was meant to be going with told me the day before that we couldn't go as we had no way of getting there. This then made me panic as I didn't think i'd be able to find anyone to do my make up with such short notice. Luckily a work colleague of mine was able to message a make up artist in our area and she found time to be able to squeeze me in.  

The day of my party came and I went to have my hair done in the morning which turned out great. I had a half up, half down style that was curled and pinned back. I then received a message from my friend saying that we would be able to go to the Trafford Centre and that she would pick me up in half an hour. I decided I would go with her and get it done even though I was getting it done with Paige. I was excited because the make up that I use on a daily basis is Bobbi Brown. I used it as a trail run instead of cancelling with Paige and I am so glad I did! The Lady at Bobbi Brown was very friendly and welcoming but I felt like she didn't listen to a word I said when it came to doing my make up. I wanted it to be natural looking with not too heavy contour and a brownish/gold smokey eye effect. I sat through the make up with my friends just looking at me in horror. She did a really heavy jet black smokey eye which honestly made me look like I had 2 black eyes. She piled that much foundation, concealer and powder onto my face that it just looked so cakey and because she mixed so many things it turned out looking orange. I was horrified! I rang my sister while we were in the car on the way back home and told her to get my cleanser ready and help me take the make up off as soon as I got home. The one thing that I couldn't understand was the make up that she had done on herself looked lovely so she obviously did know how to do make up.

I was so glad that I didn't cancel with Paige or I would have had no one to do my make up. Being let down the day before was a blessing in disguise. I went to Paige as soon as I got back and what she did was beautiful. It was lovely and I couldn't have asked for anything better. The make up really complimented my appearance and it didn't budge all night and was still on more than 12 hours later. She really listened to what I wanted and perfectly recreated it. I loved the outcome and will defiantly be going back to her for future events. 

The two photos that I have added to this post are the make up done by Paige. I unfortunately didn't take any pictures of my make up from Bobbi Brown as I didn't want to be reminded of it. Below are links to Paige's work if you want to check it out :)


How have your experiences been with Bobbi Brown? Have you ever had your make up done there? 

Kia x x x 
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