Friday, 3 June 2016

Naked pallets 1,2 & 3

You know when you look at make up and you just become mesmerised by it's beauty? Well that's what happens every time I look at any of my naked pallets. They are beautiful, each and every colour is just like a little bit of heaven. They are really pigmented which makes them so easy to use and they blend beautifully. I love that each pallet has a different sort of colours in it because this means that there are endless combinations that you can put together.

The naked 1 pallet is my go to pallet for everyday wear. The colours are neutral which means that they are perfect to be worn throughout the day or you can build them up and they are perfect to be worn on a night out or for a special occasion. I really love the soft browns in this pallet because they go beautifully with the baby pinks in there too.  

The naked 2 pallet is the pallet I go to if i'm going on a night out. I will most likely use this alongside of the naked 1 pallet because the colours work so well together. I love the shiny golds and browns. The darker browns work perfect if you are going for the smoky eye effect. They are really soft which means that they are so easy to work with and doesn't take much to perfectly blend them. 

If i'm being perfectly honestly the naked 3 pallet is the one I use least often. The main reason is because I usually go for a more smoky eye or a darker shade. If i'm going for a really pale colour during the day then this is my perfect pallet as i'll only have to use maybe 1 or 2 colours. These colours are perfect if you want a lighter colour on the inside of your eye to help brighten up the inner corner. In my opinion this pallet is a little more harder to blend than the other ones but maybe that's just me. 

 Overall I love these pallets and don't think a day goes by where I don't use at least one of them. They are well worth my money as i've had these 6 months now and none of these are at all nearly empty! 

Which is your favourite naked pallet? 

Kia x x x 
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