Friday, 29 April 2016

Long time no speak!

Its been a long time! A couple of months.....a lot has happened. I've tried to get back into blogging but with a mix of bloggers block and assignments stacked up to the ceiling it found it really difficult. I'm back on track thought and i'm feeling really confident in myself that college and everything is going well. 

I thought to break things in we'd just have a catch up and a chat....well me chat and you read. My last post was nearly 2 months ago! Wow! I have been secretly stalking and keeping up to date with a few blog posts and twitters but i've been trying to spend more time with friends and family, like I explained in my blog post you're not a real blogger. I wrote that post while I was in the middle of my break and just needed to get it off my chest really. All bloggers have to take a break at some point....doesn't matter if it is a few days or a few months, you sometimes just have to take a step back until you are really going to enjoy it again. 

At the end of may was easter weekend and it was lovely. We had the kids all weekend and even though Lilah got me up at 6:15am for a bottle (she sleeps 7pm till 7am usually, shes 6 months old) it was really nice to spend some quality time with them. We went on walks up the tips (old quarry), to the park about 3 times and had an Easter egg hunt. Keevey (5) and Max (3) have so much energy and I think getting old because I can just about keep up with them all day. I took keevey and lilah out for tea one night with Jodie and she adores Lilah and her cubbyness. Of course I couldn't resits some snaps which I have inserted below. 

On the 6th April I turned longer a child! You know there is that build up to your 18th like oh i'm going to be able to do so many things, i'm going to be able to buy my own alcohol and cigarettes but honestly you go on a night out, spend loads of money then wake up the next day and if your bank was a person it would be sat in a corner crying because you're now skint and have to live off bread and butter for the next week. In all fairness my party was amazing. :) I had a great night with all my family and friends and got spoiled rotten. 

April is a month of birthdays for my family. Mine, my niece's (she was 1) and Adam's 20th birthday was all in April so it was full of celebrations. Happy birthday you lot! 

I've had assignments in pretty much every week for the past 6 weeks but at this moment in time I have 3 assignments left to do and then I have finished my course! Its been 2 long years and it is finally coming to an end. I'll do a full blog post on my whole experience in college so you all can find out how I did it. 

Last week I finally got to put my photography skills into practice and take photos of the lovely Lily-Grace. She was 6 days old when I got to take the photos and it was a lovely experience. Her mum loved them and I was really happy with how they turned out. 

That's it from me for today but I promise there will be more blogs very soon! Watch this space. Leave your latest blog posts below so I can't catch up on them :) Who is excited for more blogs?!?! 

Kia x x x
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