Friday, 4 March 2016

You're not a real blogger.....

'Call yourself a blogger?' 'You've not blogged in 3 weeks'. Yes I do still call myself a blogger, just because i've missed a few posts doesn't mean i'm gone or not blogging anymore. I love blogging but I think some people forget that we're only human....we have our own lives too and when they get difficult we have to prioritise, education and family will always come before my blog and when they need to be focused on, they will.   

Most, if not all of us started our blog as a hobby. A hobby that we loved and did it for the pure fact that it was something that we enjoyed doing. Obviously you want to impress people with your blog but personally I never set out to have my whole life focused on impressing other people with my blog, especially if it made me ill with all the stress that gets piled on top. 

Unfortunately in college most of our tutors have either gone on maternity leave or have gone off sick and now we only have 1 tutor between 4 groups which means that we've had to change college days, we're not getting work back and we've had all of our assignments dumped on us in hope that we'll get on with them on our own and won't keep asking our tutor questions. This means that we have so much work that we have no clue how to do dumped on us in hope that we'll have it all in as soon as possible. Mad right? 

And i'm the worlds biggest procrastinator which means that it takes me forever to do anything. whether it is an assignment or blogging it takes me 10x the time of the normal person to complete it. I get distracted so easily so could be writing an assignment one minute and the next minute I could have decided I need to sort my wardrobe out. 

I don't want to feel like I have to sit and write blog post because that actually makes me feel like I don't want to. So the the few small minded people who send the messages like 'why are you not blogging' or 'if you're not blogging how do you call yourself a blogger' take a step back and remember that we're all human and we all still have our own personal lives. 

I do have to say a huge thank you to all the people who do support my blog because without you guys there wouldn't be anyone who read my blog. 
 And a massive congratulation to Emmysbeautycave for winning my 700 follower give away! 

Do you think that it is right for people to take a small break from blogging? 

Kia x x x

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