Sunday, 3 January 2016

New year resolutions 2016

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had an amazing night welcoming in the near year. Wow its 2016. I still can't get my head round it, when someone says 'oh it was 3 years ago' I still think that they mean 2007 but that was 9 years ago. My life is flashing before my eyes and i'm scared that i'm going to miss it. So plenty of pictures and blog posts this year to make sure that I don't forget a thing. Today's blog is going to be a nice relaxed one that you can read while you're sat on the sofa feeling sorry for yourself because you drank a little to much alcohol over the past few weeks.

Last year I made this blog post which talked about my new year resolutions and 2014 in general. A few of my resolutions were:
  • Eat at least 2/3 meals a day 
  • Not care what anyone thinks of me and become happy for who I am
  • Carry on doing things I want to do...not what society wants me to do. 
I think that the only resolution that i've stuck to is to not care what anyone thinks of me and become happy for who I am. I have been doing what I want to do and have not been scared what other people are thinking about me because I know its my life and i'm going to live it how I want to live it. I think it is really important to do what makes you happy because at the end of the day its your life you're living and you only get one chance at it so you may as well make it good. The other two I haven't really mastered yet.

2015 made me understand that i'm the one in control and I get to choose what I want to do and I know that even if I do make a bad mistake that my family are always going to be there for me and that is one thing that I didn't realise a few years ago and I just took it for granted.  

That brings us to my 2016 new year resolutions:
  • To stop smoking 
  • To leave college with a D*D*D* in health and social care
  • To improve my eating pattern and see if that helps improve my migraines.
  • Make my opinions known in a situation that involves me.
  • To look after my body more and drink more water to keep hydrated. 
I really am going to try to stick to my resolutions because I know if I do then I am going to feel so much better in myself and hopefully it will improve both my migraines and my reflex sympathetic dystrophy. 

And there we have it, my new year resolutions for 2016.
What are your new year resolutions?

Kia x x x
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