Sunday, 17 January 2016

If you need me....come and find me!

Even though we all have a contact me page, I sometimes think that knowing all of someone's social media platforms can be confusing. Knowing how often they use one platform in comparison with another platform can be good because it lets you know where you'll be able to interact with them more and where you can catch up on their posts and any information. If i've followed someone's social media platforms and then they hardly ever use them then i'll be quite disappointed because i'm following a profile which is not used, pretty pointless really? For example, even though I have pinterest I would never suggest for you guys to go and follow it because I know I don't really use it at this moment in time so it would be pretty pointless for you.

Twitter is the social media account I use the most. I am on it everyday and I feel it is the best place where I can connect with other bloggers and have a chat with them. It is a place where I can promote my blog, find links to other blogs and discover new bloggers at the click of a button. It is an app that I have on my phone so there isn't really a time that I wouldn't be able to access it. 
My twitter is @itskiaerin

I don't yet have a Facebook page that is dedicated purely to my blog because not many people who I know from my town know about this blog and at the moment i'm going to leave it that way. I do have a personal Facebook page where I post things to friends and family. This does have a follow button but I don't think this would let you see everything that I posted. My Facebook isn't as focused on my blog and it is more just my personal life. I would only accept people I know onto my Facebook and for this reason I am not going to post the link here, but if you are after my Facebook you can message me on any of the other social media accounts I have. 

My bloglovin is something that I use quite a lot. It is where I can find recent blog posts really easily if I have followed that person. My blog posts get uploaded to here automatically which I find really helpful as I don't have to remember to post it on there too. One thing that attracts me to bloglovin is that it is really easy and simple to use. I would say that I am on this everyday without fail.
You can find my bloglovin here.

I mentioned briefly that pinterest is a social media account that I don't use often. I do have one which I used for a while but I never got the hang of it and in my opinion I found it quite boring. I do have quite a bit of stuff on there from when I did use it and I did enjoy it for a while but not enough to make me stay for over a couple of months. 
If you want to see my pinterest you can here.

I have a love hate relationship with google+. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I hate it. I think it is a good platform as you are able to promote your blog or connect with people who you don't follow or they don't follow you through communities. I do use it quite a bit and I would say I sway towards the liking it side. 
You can find my google+ here 

Instagram :
Just recently I have made a new instagram for my blog. I am using this so much and i'm enjoying seeing other peoples instagram's as well. I could spend forever on instagram just searching different hashtag's to see what posts there are out there.
My instagram is - Itskiaerin

Believe it or not I started youtube long before I found my love for blogging. I uploaded videos to there every week and I did enjoy it but it wasn't for me at that time. I still have a few of my old videos on my youtube but they are all private so you wont be able to see them. There are only a couple that are public and they are mostly gymnastics ones. I religiously watch other youtubers and this is how i'll spend my evenings after a stressful day. 
You can find my youtube channel here

I am connected to my email 24/7. All my emails are connected to my phone and it is a rare occasion where my phone is not with me so if you email me I will most likely reply within a couple of hours. Email is also good because you can subscribe to different blogs and you can get notified as soon as they post a blog. 
My email is 

I hope this has helped you know where the best place is you can find me. What social media do you use the most? 

Kia x x x 
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