Monday, 11 January 2016

I introduce you too.....

Hey guys! Its currently 12am in the morning when i'm writing this and i've come up with an idea. An idea to start a blogging series! The few who have already DM'ed me are really up for it! The series is called 'I introduce you to' and depending on how many people want to get involved it will start in Feburary and there will be a new one every Friday accept the last Friday in the month. 

This is how it is going to work; I will ask you a bunch of questions which I will make into a blog post and introduce you too all my readers. As this is a collab series you then ask me questions (of your choice) and do the same kind of post on you blog. The questions might be the same some weeks and different other weeks. 

This is a really good chance for you to be able to find new blogs and hear about new bloggers to follow. Instead of just telling you to go and follow someone without you knowing anything about them, i'll be giving you an inside on what their blog is about, who they are and information about them as a person so if you decided to go and check them out, you actually know a bit about the person :) 

Sorry this is a short blog today but I just wanted to let you know about what I had planned. If you want to get involved with this then please don't hesitate to DM on twitter. My twitter is @itskiaerin

Kia x x x
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