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Girl online on tour review - Zoe Sugg

Girl online on tour was released back in October 2015 and I gave it a few months for everyone to get round to reading it before I wrote my review. Girl online on tour is the sequel to girl online, released November 2014 and I think its a fantastic book teenage girls. 

I'm not the biggest book reader so for me to find a book that I like and want to sit down and read is a rare occasion. Girl online and fault in our stars are the only books that had done this before so I was expecting good things from this book. It certainly lived up to my expectations, it was a real page turner, I didn't want to put it down. I ended up finishing the whole book in under a week. 

(Might be spoilers)

The book is based around 16 year old blogger Penny Porter and her 18 year old rock star extraordinaire boyfriend Noah Flynn. Its the summer break and Noah is going on tour as a supporting act to the band The sketch and Penny is joining him. Her best friend Elliot can't join her on the tour because he has an amazing internship at a fashion magazine that he can't turn down, but while his career is looking up he is having his own troubles with his boyfriend. 

Penny thinks that on the tour her and Noah will be able to explore other cities together and have fun like they did in New York but with someone blackmailing her to try and get her and Noah to split up and Noah's mean band mate's she soon finds out that touring life isn't as glamorous as she first thought it would be. 

Even though this book is fictional and totally unrealistic, because I mean who gets to bump into a soon-to-be-famous-artist, fall in love, go on tour with them with hardly no supervision and meet other famous people left right and centre? I mean c'mon it's never going to happen. Zoe does talk about a subject that we can all relate too: life. When you realise that she isn't just writing a fictional story book you'll be able to relate to it better. Some of it might be the cliché themes of following your dreams but she also explores the themes of big sister little sister wisdom (Penny and Leah), not knowing what you want to do when you leave school and dealing with your first heartbreak from your first love. These are things that we can all relate to, something that is very much real in all of our lives. 

I would highly recommend this book as i'm sure i'll be reading it over and over. 
Have you read this book? What did you think of it? 

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