Sunday, 3 January 2016

Christmas day and Boxing day 2015

Okay I know its now 2016 and we should all be moving on from christmas but I couldn't find a time to squeeze in my blog post from christmas day and boxing day so just for the time you're reading this blog you can sit back and imagine its christmas again (with out all the food, alcohol and presents) 

Guess who got the job of carrying all these downstairs this year....yes you guessed it, i had to. It took me at least half an hour and so many trips up and down the stairs. At least it was a bit of exercise in preparation for all the food I was going to eat in the next few days. There were 11 of us at my mums on christmas day so don't worry all of these were shared between 11 of us. If you want to see what I got you can read my what I got for christmas post here.

Christmas is not christmas without matching pyjamas. These ones were from primark and were really comfy. I think it was nice to be all matching because we don't see my sister that often so it was nice to be close and it was kinda like sister bonding time...minus my older sister. 

It was a chance for me to try out my new camera and it didn't take long for me to fall in love with it. In all honesty it did take me quite a while for me to get my head around it and even now i'm learning new things about it. But as you can see it does take really nice photos. 

Our christmas dinner, cooked by my mum and step-dad was amazing! We had a choice of ham, beef and turkey with all the trimmings and home made yorkshire puddings, hmm i'm getting hungry thinking of it again. As usual in our family there were a choice of 6 deserts; sticky toffee pudding, ice-cream,  jelly, meringues with cream and fruit, christmas pudding, trifle. There is always one thing that you'll like.  

Getting to spend time with my family was great as we don't do it often as we have a really big family and we're all really busy most of the time. Christmas is the only time that we take whole family photos so it's nice to compare them each year to see how much we've changed or who has been added to the family (this year it was Lilah baby). 

I took some BEAUTIFUL photos of my niece's with my new camera which my sister was really pleased about. I'm actually really proud of myself for taking these photos because I think that they look really nice and probably the best i've taken. I was surprised that they stayed still long enough for me to take it. 

On boxing day my brother came up with his family which was special because it was the first time we met their daughter because they live over an hour away. Again it called for a family photo because you have to capture these special moments. Having the kids there makes it so special because you get to see the smiles on their faces and they seem so happy and it just puts everyone in a good mood. Christmas was wonderful and it will be one that i'll always remember.

I hope you all had an amazing christmas and new year. Lets bring on 2016!

Kia x x x
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