Wednesday, 27 January 2016

10 things i'd tell my younger self

Everyone looks back on their life and would change at least one thing. I've made so many mistakes growing up but thinking about it now there isn't much i'd change, maybe a few fashion senses but other than that not much. All my experiences, life choices and mistakes have lead me to where I am today and have made me the person I am today. Cliché right? But it's true. I don't look at mistakes as a mistake, I look at them as a learning curve. 

I might not change anything I did but I would certainly tell my younger self a few things if I got the chance. Growing up I wasn't the most confident one in the bunch, especially if I didn't know the people who I was with, but it was a whole different story if I knew the people and felt comfortable around them. I think a little bit of guidance would have helped me, especially a few tips like this. 

So here are 10 things i'd tell me younger self:

1.  You don't have to do everything that everyone else is doing. 
There was once this crazy fashion when I was in high school that you had this really small bag that would just about fit your keys, a pen and your phone and you'd put everything else in a new look bag. Everyone carried around two bags just because a few of the 'popular' girls had started doing it. I found it ridiculous but in the end I caved in and started doing it as well because everyone else was. Just because everyone is joining in with a stupid trend does not mean you have to as well.  

2. Some people lie, some people hurt you and some people let you down. If that is the case, drop them this second! 
People who only call you when they need something or will only be bothered with you when they need you to do something are people who you do not need in your life. No matter how much you think they are your friend, get your head out of the ground and smell the roses! They are not your real friends. You need people in your life who you can call at 2am and cry over your favourite TV show. Its okay if you need to let go of that person you once called your BBF. 

3. Listen to your mother....she is almost always correct. 
You know them stroppy teenage years where you say you hate your mum and you never want to be like her when you grow up? Yes I was like that, but if you asked me now I would tell you if I grew up to be half the woman my mother is I would be happy. I never listened to her and always rebelled against her but looking back if I had just listened to her so many things would have been so much simpler. She'd older than you...she's been through it all to....she probably knows the correct way to deal with it. Seriously she'll know. 

4. That boy you'll think you'll never get will. 
I'm not saying it will happen straight away but with time you'll get over him and realise if it was mean't to be you'd still be with him. Once you find someone who treats you how you're meant to be treated you'll realise that. 

5. Being popular in high school honestly does not matter.  
You might think it means a lot in high school but as soon as you leave no one will even care. If you can't stand someone then don't try and be friends with them just because they are popular. Make friends with people who make you happy. Which one is better someone who worked hard in high school and got good grades which allowed them to get a good career or someone who had all these friends, went out to all these house parties and thought it was 'cool' to not try in lessons and ended up with no GCSE's. Years down the line no one is going to care if you were popular in high school or not.  

6. Stop listening to what other people are saying about you. 
There is a saying 'Rumours come from a girl who is jealous of you or a guy who can't have you.' If someone doesn't like what you post on facebook, well then show then where the delete button is. If you someone doesn't like your blog, well then they don't have to read it. If someone doesn't like the clothes you're wearing well it has nothing to do with them because they are not wearing them. Ignore what people say about you, if it brings you down then you don't need to hear it. 

7. Learn from your mistake. 
If you have already made the mistake once why are you going to do it again? Find a different way to do it. If you don't learn from them then you are going to carry on making the same mistake over and over. 

8. Don't forget to laugh. 
I was recently working in an elderly day care centre and one of the old ladies always used to remind me 'it's better to be laughing than crying'. I always stick by that now. Always try to see the best in every situation. One my sister always tell to me when I fall down the stairs is 'well at least you got down the stairs quicker' It always gives me a chuckle. 

9. Follow your passion. 
Don't let other people hold you back from doing what you want to do. If you want to go to uni, then you go to uni. If you don't want to go to uni then you don't have to. If you want to travel then you do it! Don't let anyone hold you back. Be what you want to be not what everyone else wants you to be. 

10. And lastly don't ever be ashamed of who you are. 
You are you and you never need to change because if someone if not going to accept you for who you are then you don't need them in your life. If I told my younger self about the person I am today she would have never have believed me, I am 98% of the person I want to be and that's because i've finally stopped trying to please everyone else and put myself first for once. Don't think 'oh she wont like it if I do this' or 'he wont like the dress i'm wearing', if you like it then you wear it

Yes the photos are of me as a child, in the one of me and Freya wearing the same clothes i'm the older one and in the one above it i'm the baby. I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. Do you agree with anything i've said? Is there anything that you'd change?

Kia x x x 
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