Saturday, 5 December 2015

Blogmas day 5! - Christmas traditions now

 As you get older your tradition's at Christmas change, partners join the family, siblings have kids and move to their own house and you grow up so you don't do the child like traditions like you used to. (even though I am one for keeping as many traditions as I can.)

At this point in time we still don't have the big Christmas tree up in the living room or the kitchen and the downstairs decorations are not up yet. My younger sister has Christmas decorations up in her room, well to be honest she has had them up all year because she is Christmas mad. I have recently put decorations up in my room. I have a small Christmas tree, little ornaments and fairy lights around my shelves. It is all so cosy and cute. I think this year is going to be more difficult than any other year before because even though i'm living back at my mums I spend the weekends at Adams which means that I won't be there for when they put the Christmas tree up. We do have a 6ft Christmas tree so it does take like 10 years to decorate and Freya and Jaden end up getting bored and mum does it for them. 

We still always go to church on Christmas eve and for the past couple of years we have been going to my aunties after we have been to church to exchange presents so the family can be together and we always get a family picture (as seen below). Hopefully i'll be in work lateish so I don't have to miss it.

Now we are older we don't get up so early on Christmas day anymore. My family usually get up round 10am but I always get up earlyish on Christmas day! Never this getting up early business anymore. We still do have our stockings though. Sometimes we go up to my sisters in the morning but this year she is coming up to mums and we are all having Christmas dinner at my mums house. I think that we will probably open presents before dinner because I really don't think my niece and nephew will be able to wait that long. Now i'm older I would much rather sit and watch my niece's and nephew open their presents and see the smiles on their faces. Having the kids round on Christmas day just makes it so special. We have Christmas dinner and we have now spread onto two tables because there are so many of us.

I think this year Adam is coming over to mine on the night of Christmas day and he'll stay at mine then we'll spend boxing day morning at my mums then we'll go over to his in the afternoon and spend some time with his family. I'll probably go to work in the evening then stay at his that night.

On the 27th I always go round to my dads house and see him with Heather, Matthew, Freya and Jaden and the kids. Not a traditional Christmas day because we usually have Chinese food or pizza and chips. This is the time when we'll exchange presents with dad and just sit around there for a couple of hours chatting and playing.

What do you do at Christmas now? What are your traditions for Christmas day?

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