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Blogmas day 4! - Christmas traditions when I was younger

When you are little Christmas is much a magical and happy time. You have the excitement of falling asleep on Christmas eve and wondering if Father Christmas is going to come down the chimney when you are asleep and leave presents under the tree. 

Lets start with putting the Christmas decorations up. My mum always had a different colour scheme each year and she would stick to that around the whole house. I do have to admit it looked quite nice all matching. There were 4 of us kids and as you could imagine when we decorated the tree it never really looked perfect so without fail mum would always rearrange the decorations to her standards when we had finished. It would always be a family thing putting up the Christmas tree, something that we would all do together. There is this one video we have from when we were all younger and we are all trying to put the bells on the tree and none of us wanted to put the baubles on the tree. There were only a certain amount of these bells so you had to try and find them really quick before the others did.  

On Christmas eve we would always go to church. We didn't really go at any other point in the year but we would always go on Christmas eve without fail. It is something that we have done since we were little. Some of the children would get given numbers and their number would match something out of the nativity scene and that is the thing that they would take up to the front into the stable. We would take presents and put them under the stable and these would be given to the children who might not have got anything on Christmas day. I thought this was a lovely idea. After church we would go home and usually watch Santa on the Santa tracker that you can get. When he got to a certain place mum would say its bed time so we would go and leave Santa a mince pie and a glass of milk and a carrot for Rudolph. 

Like any children we always got up at stupid O'clock in the morning but if we did get up really early we knew that we had to wait in out room till at least 7am/7.30am. Me and younger sister both shared a room so we would both sit on the bottom bunk and empty our stockings out and try to see if we would guess what was in their. Once we decided that it was time to go and wake mum and dad up we would go and get Heather and Jaden and we would all sit on the bed with mum and dad in their room opening out presents from our stockings. After the excitement from this part had died down we would all make our way downstairs to see if Santa had been.

We would open all our presents downstairs and we would each have our own corner of the room where we would put our stuff. I don't really think that breakfast was a big thing in our family Christmas. We never had anything special and on Christmas day it was probably the last thing on our mind so most of the time we would just replace it with chocolate.....1 day of the year, sure that's allowed? 

My dad would be the one who put all the wrapping paper into bags and my mum would always sit and record us opening our presents. Dad would be the one who put everything together or put batteries in them. For a couple of hours after that we would sit a play with the toys that we had gotten. We would get dressed into our Christmas day outfits and we would always eat Christmas dinner around 1/2pm. 

When I was younger we used to spend new years eve with a family who lived on the same road as us who we were pretty close to. They had 2 kids, Lauren was heathers age and Bethan was a couple of years older than me. Their parents were my younger sisters god parents so we had known them for quite a long time. Every year we would get a takeaway and we would sit and place games such as; the pea and straw game, the Christmas card game and the chocolate game. If you don't know what these games are keep an eye on my blog as a blog post later this month will explain them. We would count down to the new year and have party poppers which made such a mess! 

What were your Christmas traditions when you were younger? 

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