Monday, 21 December 2015

Blogmas day 21! - Favourite things to watch at Christmas

Christmas timeeeeee......mistletoe and wineeeeee.......ahhhh its 4 days till Christmas!! Who's excited?? I defiantly am! I thought today would be a good day to talk about the tv/films I like watching around Christmas time because it is the time to sit around with family and watch films together and spend time with each other. 

My all time favourite Christmas film is elf. It is the film that I have to watch every Christmas and I count down the days until it is acceptable to start watching it. It is funny and it is a film that has all the festivity you need. You can't hate elf, it is just one of those addictive films that you have to love. His excitement for Christmas rubs off on everyone in the film and everyone who watches it. There is singing, snowballs and a whole lot of Christmas decorations. If you haven't seen this film then where have you been under a rock? Make sure that this Christmas you watch this film. 

Another one of my favourite films at Christmas (well all year round) is frozen. Yes it might have been made for children but is that going to stop me? Nope, not really. I love this film because its so fun and just lets you forget about your responsibilities for a while and have fun. Again there is singing, talking snowmen and the love of family all within this film which makes it a wonderful film to watch around Christmas time. I usually watch this with my niece and nephew as they both love it as well. 

Now this one is kind of different. I absolutely love watching Nigella Lawson especially Simply Nigella: Christmas special. Everything she makes looks so yummy and picture perfect. It makes me wish I could cook as well as her. Christmas is a time for food in my eyes and she makes the most wonderful food so why not watch it at Christmas? It is also a really good program as you get loads of really useful tips on how to do it yourself which I find really good as I know one day I would really like to be able to cook like that. 

The polar express is a Christmas film that I have watched at Christmas since I was little. The story is about a little boy who goes to the north pole on the polar express. With the people he has met on the polar express they explore the north pole and find piles and piles of presents and they meet Santa. The little boy finds a bell off the slay and at first he thinks it doesn't work but the more he believes the more it starts to work. He then finds this exact bell under his Christmas tree the next morning. This is a film that I would always recommend because it always takes me back to my childhood and who doesn't want to be a child for 5 minutes again?  

What do you like to watch around Christmas? 

Kia x x x 
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