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Blogmas day 20! - New years eve games

New years eve is a time for celebration and spending time with your family or the ones that you love. Well I personally think that. I always remember celebrating new year eve with family and friends when I was younger and they were all really nice memories that I will remember forever. When I was younger my family would always take it in turns with another family to spend new years eve at each others houses. They had 2 children and there were 4 children in our family so there were plenty of people to play with which meant that there were always enough people to play games with. 

There were certain games that we would play each year without fail and we always knew that we were going to play them and at that time they were really fun because obviously it doesn't take much to entertain 5,6 and 7 years old's. 

One of the games we used to play was the chocolate game. The whole of point of the game was to be able to get as much chocolate as you could but there were some rules you had to stick to. You had a bar of chocolate in the middle of the circle on a plate and you also had a pair of gloves, a scarf, a hat, dice and a knife and a fork. You had to take it in turns to role the dice and if you got a 6 then you had to put on the hat, gloves and scarf and use the knife and fork to try and cut the chocolate and use the fork to eat it while the other people are still rolling the dice. If someone else gets a 6 while you are getting the chocolate them you must drop everything straight away and give them the knife, fork, hat, gloves and scarf. 

Another game we used to play was the Christmas card game. What you used to do was get Christmas cards that you are no longer using. You cut them up so you just have the front of the card then cut the front of the card in half again. You put them into two piles; one pile is one half and the other pile is the other half. You hide one pile around the house then once they are all hidden. You all get one of the other cards and have to go searching around the house to find the other card. The winner of the game is the people who has the most completed Christmas cards.

The final game i'm going to talk about is the malteser and straw game. You get a tray and pour all the malteser's out onto it. Then each participant had a cup and a straw. You have to use the straw to suck and pick up the malteser and put it into your cup. It is a race to try and get the most malteser's and the winner is the person who has the most malteser's. 

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How did you used to spend new years even when you were younger? 

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