Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Blogmas day 2! - How me and Adam met

In my opinion me and Adam didn't get together in the most typical way. The first ever time we saw each other was when I was working at Domino's and he came in with one of his friends (who I was friends with) to order pizza. Considering I only started working at Domino's in the middle of February and this happened at the end of February, I was still very nervous about taking orders,  especially people's orders who I actually knew. So I took the order and walked away to avoid any conversation and do my job. 

He added me on Facebook on March 1st 2015 but we still hadn't spoken at this point but I do admit I did stalk his Facebook a bit! aha! 

On the 4th I met Jordan (The friend who Adam was with on the night he came into Domino's). We were talking and he happened to mention that Adam has spoke about me so we decided on a plan. Jordan text Adam saying 'text this number' with my number and Adam actually did but he had no clue who it was. Adam was getting really annoyed at Jordan and really annoyed at me because he didn't know who it was and just ended up sending messages like tell me who this is right now! He was on a night shift at work and on his break he rang Jordan and pretty much demanded him to tell him who it was, Jordan gave the phone to me and I said hi and he just went quiet and hung up the phone. He messaged me something along the lines of 'I'm sorry if I new it was you I wouldn't have been that mean' and ever since then we started messaging. We agreed to meet for coffee on the Saturday which would have been the 7th. 

It got to the 6th and I had just got home from work and as we were talking we figured out that he was just down the road of from so we decided to meet up then. He picked me up at about 1.30am in the morning and we went to McDonald's, The conversation never died and we got on really well. We drove back and ended up sitting in the car talking in Waitrose car park till like half 4 in the morning. I can't remember how it started but we were play fighting and then he leaned in and kissed me.... I think my first reaction was that I was shocked but I never regretted it. We talked for a bit afterwards then he used the line 'do you want to pass some more time?' Yes CRINGE but I thought it was cute! We went back to his to watch a film and then at half 7 in the morning we went to Costa so technically we did go for coffee on the Saturday aha! One of the main things that I remember is that I didn't bring my make up out with me because I didn't think I would be staying out all night and by this point in the morning all of my make up had pretty much come off so I was really self-concious. We went round to Jordan's house and I just sat there not making eye contact with anyone.

This was the first photo we took together and it was taken on the first night that we met.

On the 9th he asked me so what is going on between us? Are we together? I just replied to him 'Well I haven't been asked anything'. He then asked me and the rest is history.

Everyone, including ourselves didn't think that we would work because we got together so fast but we have proven everyone and even ourselves wrong!

On the 9th of this month we will have been together 9 months!

Kia x x x
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