Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Blogmas day 15! - Christmas house tour

This again is going to be more of a picture blog but I thought it would be quite nice to show you some of the decorations we have in our house. They are mostly from the living room and the hallway because if I went around the whole house the blog post would be massive. 

This is the Christmas tree in the main living room. Its 6ft so its taller than me but I some how managed to put it up all by myself. My mum decorated it and it looks beautiful. 

This is on the stairs and we have this here every single year. We each have out own little stocking which hangs on it with out name on it. 

We have had this Santa for as long as I can remember and if we didn't have it there it would be really strange. It always goes in the same place without fail.  

I think that this looks really pretty. This is in the corner of the hall and it looks really christmassy. Most of the theme in the house is red and gold and we each have a different theme in our own rooms. 

What colour theme is in your house this year?

Kia x x x
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