Sunday, 13 December 2015

Blogmas day 13! - How to cope with college, work and everything else

We all know life is never simple and sometimes you feel like things are piling up so high that you are drowning in the amount of things that you have to get done. 

My week:

Monday: 7.30am get up, 9am start placement, half 12- 1pm dinner break, 4pm finish placement. Then i'll go back to Adams get my stuff then my mum will pick me up and take me home. I'll then sit and do assignments, complete any college work that I have to get done. I'd probably get to sleep around 12pm.

Tuesday: 7am get up, 8;50am get to college, 3.30 finish college. Then went to my sisters  because it was my nieces 5th birthday. Went home wrote blog posts then college work.

Wednesday: Is my day off so I slept till 9am then spent the day doing college work and wrapping presents then at 4pm I went to work. I finished at 7.30pm because I had a migraine and couldn't open my eyes properly so I went back to Adams and I just lay in bed and went to sleep. 

Thursday: 7.30am get up, 9am went to placement, half 12- 1pm dinner break, 4pm finished. 5pm Started work and finished at 11pm. 

Friday: 7.30 got up, 9;15am got to college, went to work at 5pm and finished work at 1am in the morning! 

In the next week I need to make sure that I have completed my placement diary, placement booklet, submitted unit 22 and done my research for my literature review. As well as work, college and placement. 

As you can see my schedule is pretty much jam packed so trying to fit in all extra things takes a lot of planning. 

My Top Tips:

  • Try not to get distracted when you have time to do homework/college work
  • Make a schedule of when you are going to do everything
  • Stick to the schedule
  • Don't over stress yourself. Make sure you have a break and have some 'me' time
  •  Keep everything organised so that you know where everything is
  • Don't leave your assignment till the night before
  • Try not to get behind on your assignments.  
I hope some of my tips can help you stay on track and not get to stressed. 

Kia x x x
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