Saturday, 12 December 2015

Blogmas day 12! - Making Christmas cards and decorations

When you are little there is nothing better than creating decorations to put on the Christmas tree and that you can keep forever. If you have young children, nieces or nephews then these are a great activity to do with them to keep them busy for a while and something that they will really enjoy. 

These tree decorations are made from salt dough. 

What you'll need: 
  • Salt
  • Plain flour 
  • Water
  • Cookie cutters (Optional)
  • Ribbon for hanging 
  • Paint to decorate
You need to put half a cup of flour, half a cup of salt into a bowl and mix together then pour in the water and mix together until it forms a dough. Once it forms a dough roll it out and at this point you can either use cookie cutters to cut out shaped or you can do what I did and use hand prints and cut around them. While it dough is still soft use the end of a paint brush and make a hole in the top where you can put the ribbon later. Once you have cut the shapes out put them on grease proof paper on a baking tray and put then in the oven on a low heat for about 2-3 hours. When they are fully baked you can paint your patten onto them. The black markings on the Santa's faces are done once the paint is dry with a black felt tip pen. After the paint is dry you can thread the ribbon and you are done! 
Hand them on the tree or you can use them to decorate presents.  

The cards are made from paint and hand or foot prints. These are really easy to make and look really effective and you can make them for your whole family. All you do it paint the hand and press it onto the card. Once it has dried then you can then add the extra detail to it and make it look all christmassy. 

I hope you like the ideas that I have given you in this blog post. If you do have a go at these let me know and send me some pictures! 

Kia x x x
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