Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The story of Lilah Vivienne Grace

The morning of Tuesday 13th October I got woken up by my mum saying that my sister was in labour and she was going round to hers and that she might need me round there later. I fell back asleep for around 40 mins then got a phone call saying that Matthew was on his way to pick me up and take me to my sisters. I got there around 6.45am and she had been in labour since around 2am. She was in a lot of pain so each time she had a contraction we would time it and mum would stand holding her up and I would stand rubbing her back while Matthew got the last few things ready in her hospital bag.

They debated whether to call the midwife to the house or to just go to the hospital. At this point her contractions were about 4 mins apart and lasting for around a minute and a half. So at 7.10am they decided to set of to the hospital. My mum went with Heather and Matthew in their car so my mum could support Heather while Matthew was driving. The last thing I remember my mum saying to me before she walked out of the house was 'she best hold on, I am not delivering this baby in the car!'.

Heathers other 2 kids usually get up around 7am for school so at this point we were already running late. I got them both up and luckily Max wasn't at nursery today so I could just throw him in some normal clothes and give him breakfast and he was ready. Keevey on the other hand decided it was the morning that she was not going to put her uniform on and that she didn't want any breakfast. For a 4 year old she is very stubborn! Finally I got them both ready and while I was getting ready I put the home soundtrack on so they just danced to that. I told them that mummy had gone to the hospital to have baby but I don't think they really understood.

I dropped Keevey of at school and just as I walked out of the school gates at 8;50am I got a message from Heather saying 'Shes here. Don't say anything to anyone yet though. Born in the car at 'said' pub, on the way to hospital now.'

She was born at 7.53am so they never even made it to the hospital. My mum had the privilege of delivering her own granddaughter and she was born with no complications at all and she was a healthy 8lb 11oz.

Me and Max spend the day shopping for balloons and banners to put around the house which was actually really fun. We watched home about 7 times! Heather was home by 2pm and Max's face was a picture. I don't think that he really understood when I told he that his sister was here until he actually saw her and he just stood there looking at her. Keevey was over the moon. She didn't really know what to do at first but now she is the best big sister to both her brother and sister. Max has nicknamed her Lilah baby and has pretty much stuck already.

It was an eventful day but I now have another beautiful niece <3

Kia x x x 
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