Saturday, 24 October 2015

Greenwood centre and massive surprises!

 The Greenwood centre is somewhere that my family used to go loads when I was little. We have pictures and videos of us running round there and just being kids. There is this one video of me when I was around 7 years old. I had cake all around my mouth and my mum comes over to me and says 'oooo its a monster' and me with my mouth full of cake goes 'noooo its meeee' 

It is a great place for kid, they have multiple playgrounds, sand pits, massive slides, roller-coasters and so much more.

This is the small slide and there is an even bigger one. They are what I remember about my childhood going there. As a small child they are so much to keep walking to the top then sliding all the way to the bottom again. Even though Keevey and Max didn't want to go on the big slide this time they still enjoyed the smaller slide. 

Me, Keevey, Freya and Jaden decided to go on the roller-coaster, which wasn't a super fast or horrible one but was still okay for a 4 year old, even though I did lose circulation in my hand for a while as she was holding on so tight to it aha. 

As it was out last nigh there we decided to go on one last walk just as it was getting dark. We walked all the way over to the beach and we sat there for ages throwing stones into the sea. 

It was so relaxing and I wish we could have stayed longer but it was getting cold and we had packing to do. 

Before I went away on holiday I told my boyfriend that I was going away for 10 days even though I was only going away for 7 so he had no clue that I was going to be home on the Saturday. So all though the day when I was driving home (it took around 4 hours) I had to make stuff up that I was doing so he wouldn't know I was on my way home. While I was telling him I was going swimming I was actually sat in the car reading magazines and sleeping. When I walked into his house his face was priceless. I have never seen him that surprised before! He just picked me and would not let me go, apparently he really did miss me! He is one of them people who you never can surprise so to actually be able to surprise him was amazing! 

Kia x x x
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