Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Making steps with confidence- Wales 2015

This is when we properly got into our holiday. On Monday me, my 2 sisters, brother, brother-in-law, dad, niece and nephew decided to go swimming. Now as much as I love swimming itself the going swimming scared me...not the water but my appearance. I have always struggled being confident with myself and I never leave the house without make up on and my hair done. Recently i've been a lot better than I have been in the past. I will now walk around the house with no make up on, let my partners family see me with no make up on and feel a little less scared to do things like that but I still have the anxiety there. 

I think in society today people are more bothered about looks rather than enjoying life and having fun and yes in some ways I think I have got caught up in that way of thinking. But on this Monday I made a huge step and impressed myself. No foundation, no powder, no blusher.....and I went out in public and enjoyed myself without feeling self-concious. Okay so yes I did wear a small amount of bronzer, eye liner and mascara but a couple of months back I would have never have done that. Even if I didn't make anyone else impressed, I impressed MYSELF and that is all that matters. You are not on this earth to make everyone else happy you are here to make yourself happy and enjoy your life without worrying what everyone else is thinking. 

So swimming was a success and I really enjoyed it.

Later that day me, my dad and brother went on a walk to the beach and far far away across some rocks to another pebble beach and we sat there for hours watching the waves crashing. I walked right over loads of rocks and found loads of rock pools with tiny creatures inside. 

I'm the type of person who if you get me outside I am a really outdoor's person and loves to explore everything. I love climbing and just being outside in the fresh air but then on the other hand I can be one of them people who love to be inside in the warm.  

Kia  x x x
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