Friday, 21 August 2015

Underneath the stars festival 2015

So at the end of last month I went to Underneath the stars festival with my family. Underneath the stars festival was set up by a lady called Kate Rusby who is a Barnsley folk singer-songwriter. It is located at Cannon Hall farm in Barnsley. It took about an hour and a half to get there from where I live,

(There will be many pictures throughout this blog)

Myself personally is not really into the music that was played there, country and folk, but I thought that it was a great little festival for all of the family to attend. There were loads of different stalls for all ages. There were beauty products, food stalls, children's area, clothes and bags. There was also a planetarium, which was like a really which was really cool and I learn't a lot of stuff I didn't know about the solar system. 

The camping was the part that I was not too keen on. I'm a person who needs to be warm or i'm not happy so the fact that I got woken up every morning at 5am freezing was not my cup of tea. And yes it did rain everyday that we were's England what do you expect! 

On the first day that we were there me and my sister both got face paint done...yes I know i'm 17 but it was pretty and why not? 

Glitter did go everywhere so wasn't the most ideal thing when you're in a tent all weekend! The people who did it were called pretty perfect and you can check out their website Here

Now for the part of the weekend that I thought was the best....the lush stall! It was amazing and you didn't even have to be in that tent to be able to smell the products. Throughout the weekend they were doing workshops where you were able to make your own lush product which I jumped at the chance! Me and my sister both made the comforter bubble bar which didn't just look great but also smelt great as well! 

I also picked up the shower jelly, toner water and the dragon egg bath bomb. Which I shall do a separate blog with my whole lush haul. 

It was a great family fun weekend which I loved because it was time where I could just spend time with one of us rushing off to work or gymnastics. 

Of course Kate's performance was really good and I really enjoyed the whole experience. 

Kia x x x 

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