Thursday, 5 February 2015

Update of the week

Hey guys! I'm sorry there hasn't been an updated blog post but I have been feeling so horrible lately I just didn't feel up to it. I never thought growing up could make me feel so drained. College is meaning I hardly get any sleep!
When I have assignments I will stay up all night trying to get them done and then have to go into college the next day with no sleep. I had an assignment the other day and it ended up being 20 pages/ 12,009 words! It took me forever!  It makes me shattered! I have never eaten breakfast even since I was a baby and when i'm busy I will always skip lunch because I just find it gets in the way when I could be doing something else. I'll always try and eat something in the evening around 8pm but food is never my main priority when i'm busy.
I don't have one best friend; I have my college friends, my social friends which involves 3 different groups of friends and my work friends. It is so difficult trying to keep all of them happy and it just wasn't working. I've had one of them kick of this week because I found out she was bad mouthing me behind my back! I am not a person to stand for that! Too many two faced people and I don't stand for it!

One of my ex's is causing shit and 2 others are talking to me which is making me wonder what do they want? Do I act nice or bitchy to them?
My work, where me and my mate work, is deciding to close down....which means I have no job! My boss hasn't even had the courage to tell me yet I found out off my mate! How crap is that! I am not impressed at the fact I no longer have a job and she wont even tell me! When is she going to tell me? The day i'm meant to be in work? So job hunting is on the cards again! It also means at the moment I have no money coming in which means I have to live of the smallest bit of money ever until I find a new job.
On Saturdays, Sundays,  Mondays and Tuesdays I live at my dads house and on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I live at my sisters house. I mainly stay at my sisters house because she needs me to babysit and on Thursdays my placement is just round the corner from hers so it is easy to get there in the morning. I look after the kids on Wednesdays when her and her husband are at work then I have them Thursday nights and sometimes Fridays. I am finding the babysitting is getting more and more recently and it is just adding things to my work load! I have had the kids Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so far this week! It is not an easy task.
I can feel my body starting to get ill again at the fact i'm not eating properly (which I am trying to change), the fact i'm not sleeping well and the fact I've got so much stress on my plate! Urgh I hate growing up!
Thank you for listening to my little rant, I think I really needed that. Hope you have had a good week! I'm off college next week so hopefully i'll be able to blog more and catch up on a few things. What have you done this week? Anything exciting?
Speak soon, Kia x x x

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