Friday, 13 February 2015

Moved my room around!

Hey guys! So the other day I was home alone and decided that I was bored of how my room was so I took it upon myself and moved the whole thing around. It is completely different from how it was before; my bed is on the opposite side, the table is on the other half of the room and I'm still trying to get used to where everything is. I feel there is more space now I've moved everything and I have said to myself I'm going to keep everything tidy.

My bed used to be where the TV is so once I moved that there was so much room so I put all 3 of my dresses/tables in its place

My wardrobe did stay in the same place but there are not many places it can go in my room as I have slanting ceilings.

My bed does take up the other half of the room but I'm able to put stuff down the other side of the bed and I'm also able to sit on my bed while getting ready in the morning because I always get ready in front of the window.

 I used the table so I would be able to organise my make up and beauty products  properly without it all being messed up together and I think it looks very pretty.
My other dressing table is for other bits and bobs. It literally has a bit of everything on it.

Kia x x x

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