Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Batiste Dry Styling XXL plumping powder review

I picked up this product the other day from superdrug for around £3.99 and at first I had never heard of it before but when my friend used it in the shop I was blown away and had to try it for myself.

It only comes in a small container but you only need a very small amount so I think that this will last quite a while.

'Sprinkle a little at a time into roots or style (a little goes a long way!). Gently work through with fingertips. Style as desired'
It certainly does do what it says on the box. Without back combing I can get my hair to look like it has more volume and to stay looking like that.
When I use this I sometimes put this on my hands first then rub it in so I know exactly where it is going but after I have rubbed it in it can feel quite sticky on your hands afterwards.
This lasts much longer than hairspray in my hair and can be brushed out if you don't like the look it gives. It does make your hair feel not as soft but I think that is how it holds.



As you can see my hair has more volume and looks more bouncy. I will defiantly carry on using this product.

Kia x x x

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