Sunday, 18 January 2015

Winter Walks

So I live in a small town in the north west of England and it can get really cold! At the moment we've had snow on and off for weeks. On Boxing day it started to snow at around 6pm and by 7pm my sister couldn't get to my mums house from the other side of town and since then it has been so cold. 

Two nights ago we got a little bit more snow so me, my Dad and my brother decided to go for a walk. It was near enough freezing so I had on 3 pairs of socks, Jeans, Primark Wellies, Black long sleeved top, Football top, Black hoodie, Deep purple gilet, snood and beanie hat. So I was very prepared! 

There is a place just behind my house where my family have been going on walks ever since I was little. It goes on for miles so you never run out of places to explore. There is a big lagoon there and the view from one of the higher cliffs is amazing! I really don't think the photos do the view justice. 
The blue lagoon 

I find going on walks such a relaxing activity, you are just able to clear your head and forget about worries for a while. The place I live has some breath taking views and when you are as high up as I was, you can see for miles! 

There were so many puddles that had frozen over to create ice and I turned into such a big kid of walking over the ice and squealing when it broke under my feet. (Don't worry it wasn't too deep and I was wearing my wellies)

Now this was my adventure for the day. I don't really know if you can see how steep it was, can you? But I was able to get down all by myself with only guidance from my dad. I was actually proud of myself as I was saying at the top I couldn't do it. It put me in such a good mood for the rest of the day. It just goes to show if you put your mind to something you can achieve anything. 

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Kia x x x

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