Sunday, 25 January 2015

FA Cup

Sorry about the lack of blogging lately! I've been so so  busy! But I'm back! So yesterday I went to football with one of my friends. The team I have supported since I was a baby and grew up loving was Manchester city! Yesterday they played in the FA cup against Middlesbrough and unfortunately lost 2-0 :/ I do have to admit they played awful and it didn't surprise me that we lost.

The day was great though because I got to spend it with my best friend and we had a great time! He drove down and I paid for food....we kinda have a system going on. We have chips when we get there and McDonalds on the way back.
We had to make 3 subs and it didn't even make a different! The only way I can describe it is we had the ball for ages they come along take the ball and then score! Twice! Our format was all over the place and I don't think there were players where we needed them.
It was so cold at the Etihad! My scarf that I have is big enough to be a blanket for me because I'm so small so I sat with that wrapped around me to keep me warm. I had my uggs on and my toes were still freezing. It was like 1C through out the match.

Did you see the match yesterday, 24-01-15? If yes what did you think of it? If not what team do you support?

Kia x x x
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