Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Hello, This is my first blog post so I thought I would make it quite happy and cheery :)  
I am not writing this post to 'show off' about what I got for Christmas and to be like oh wow look at everything i've got. I'm not doing that at all. Its more to to say what I like about everything and what I particularly liked. 
This year i was so lucky, I got some amazing presents! A few of my favourites were; my Pandora ring, Zoella girl online and Pointlessblog books, Ugg boots, Mac foundation and all the bath and beauty products.

This Christmas was different than every other Christmas i've had before. I woke up at my dads house and the first thing we did was go and see my grandad, which was so nice because i don't see him that often. I went to my mums house and waited for family to come round then we opened presents, which i found so nice because i love having the little kids round and seeing their faces when they open their presents.  

 I always think that Christmas is a time for family and i always like it when i'm surrounded by my family. It is one thing that can always make me smile :) What do you think? 
I have been using my MAC foundation ever since Christmas day and i think that it is the best foundation i've ever used. It feels so nice when you are wearing it and you can hardly tell you have foundation on. 
I'm not a big reader but I particularly like the girl online because it is not a hard book to read and i am loving the story line so far. I think when i have finished the whole book i'll do another post to review it.
I ended up with loads of amazing beauty products which i think i'll talk about in another blog post so i can go into detail into every product, from lush to zoella's beauty products to the body shop. 
This Pandora ring is something that i fell in love with ever since i saw it in the shop. My mum took me in looking for something for Christmas and i looked through millions but as soon as I saw this one I knew it was the one. It is the pink romance ring and i will link it below if you want to check it out. It is so beautiful and it feels so nice to wear it and doesn't interfere in everyday activities. 


Speak soon, kia x 
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